Customization & Advice



• Decoiling: wrapping large mother coils to smaller coils: this means that all coil sizes and different inner cores are quickly available: 2.000kg, 1.000kg, 500kg, 200kg, 150kg, 100kg, etc.

• Applying foil: the application of protection foil & vapor barriers on the inside or outside of the coils.

• Coating: application of different coatings: wet coating, powder coating, foil coating, etc.

• Sanding, polishing, softening, embossing, etc.

• Customized sheets

• Perforate

• Narrowband tailor-made



• Sanding: reaching the exact thickness of plates

• Sawing: length, width, thickness, special corners, cut-outs, etc.

• Drilling: round cutouts

• Lamination: bonding of different materials, aluminum foil paste, glass cloth, glass fiber, etc.

• Profile cutting: special deviating diameters

• Prefab molded parts: bends, tees, tank heads, appendage boxes, etc.



• Hanko develops specific accessories in collaboration with you, for example, special cover closures and device closures.

• In cooperation with our manufacturers, we constantly respond to changing and changing requirements and standards: The HankoFIX ECO aluminum tape therefore meets the requirements set by LEED & BREEAM for used and released solvents. The same applies to our glues and vacuum adhesives.

• New developments in the field of assembly materials are closely monitored. This keeps the range up-to-date: think of our here, for example, our tools, screws and blind rivets.

• Hanko sees your questions as a challenge to further increase our knowledge and to maintain your (and our) competitive position!



Insulation technical (thermal) calculations:

• Insulation thickness: condensation prevention, freezing prevention, coagulation prevention, etc.

• Insulation efficiency, K value, R value, Rd value

• Heat losses, temperature end of route, temperature of external insulation

• Temperature Reductions in single & multi-layer insulation systems

• Thickness calculation in accordance with applicable standards


Application advice (thermal):

• Choice of insulation material

• Isolation system selection

• Technical films: moisture barriers, moisture barriers, buffer foils, etc.

• Choice of finish, plating: aluminum or stainless steel alloy, sendzimir galvanized, aluzinc, aluminized steel, UV-hardening polyester, etc.

•Custom-made solutions

•Information about laws and regulations, standards, construction, industrial construction, shipping, etc.

• Submission material certificates: EN, DIN, NEN, NBN, BS, ASTM, IMO, etc.

• Subcontracting other certificates: ISO, BREEAM, LEED, DGNB, etc.


Fireproof Sealing & upholstery :

• Choice of material

• Application advice /span>

• Information about laws and regulations & standards: fire resistance, compartmentation, fire load, etc.

• Submission of certificates


Noise control:

• Advice noise reduction

• Calculation of noise reduction

• Choice of material

• Application advice

• Information about laws and regulations, standards

• Submission of certificates


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