Meet the Hanko family | Nisa Ed-Dai

This newsletter features our sweet and always cheerful colleague Nisa! Nisa joined HANKO in July 2021 and since then she always makes sure there is a filled candy jar on her desk. Curious what her biggest hobby is and where she likes to do it most? Read the interview!

Meet the Hanko family | Judith van Hoogenhuyze

This time the word to Judith, 'the lady in the male sales team'!  "Besides nice colleagues and fun customer contact, I love the dynamics of the day and managing the entire sales process. No day is the same!" Curious how Judith ended up in the Hanko-Family and what drives her? Then read her interview!

Meet the Hanko family | Roderik Groenewoud

In this new section, we like to introduce a colleague each month. Colleague Roderik Groenewoud kicks off. Who is Roderik, how did he get introduced to Hanko and what does Dedication for Insulation mean to him?
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